About us

Since 2004, the NEST STUDIO salon has been successfully operating in the Latvian market, providing its customers with the opportunity to equip the house with such leading Italian furniture manufacturers as Arrital Cucine, ValCucine, Gruppo Euromobili, Doimo Group, Libiex, Gimo Eport, Calligaris,

Alberta salotti, AlfDafre. Taking care of the level of their professionalism, NEST STUDIO employees regularly visit international exhibitions in European countries, as well as familiarization and training seminars from furniture manufacturers in Italy.

Salon NEST STUDIO is a creative team of qualified specialists who work with one goal - to create an individual image of your interior and to realize it. After working on new projects, we are able to skillfully combine functional and decorative elements of the interior, thereby maximally satisfying the needs of the client.

Sophistication of luxury or simplicity of minimalism, elegant classic or modernity innovations. Perfect combination of color and shape in any style. All you need is a desire, the rest is taken care of by the "Nest studio" salon.

A rich choice and impeccable quality

We are ready to offer furniture from the most famous and fashionable Italian brands: Giorgetti, Selva, Medea, Fendi, Bucalossi, Zanaboni, Flexform, Chelini, Baxter, Jumbo, etc. The exposition of these and other factories can be seen in our exposition area. Harmonious addition to furniture interiors will be chandeliers and lamps from not less eminent companies Barovier & Toso, Flos, Artmide, Terzani, Beby, Chlilini, Mechini. Different styles and an amazing range of assortments will allow each of our customers to find a product to their liking. Having started working in 2004, our salon cooperates only with trusted suppliers. To do this, we regularly visit their production to ensure their economic stability, meet at international furniture exhibitions. Confirm the fact of production in Italy of each individual copy of two types of certificates - "Certificato 100% Italy" and the European standard "ISO".

Great service

- Highly qualified assemblers in the state who will produce any, even the most complex installation of built-in interiors at the optimum time.

- Minimum delivery time due to optimization of logistics and work with suppliers.

Why we are always the first

The first novelties appear in our showroom, because we make purchases immediately after the exhibitions. Salon "Nest studija" by right is the leader of the furniture market, because we have not only the most popular, but also the freshest ideas. Our representatives regularly visit exhibitions in Milan, Paris and Riga. Close cooperation of the salon "Nest studija" with leading architects and design studios in Riga allows creating stylish and extraordinary design projects.